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best shopping malls in spokane wa

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3 Best shopping malls in Spokane, WA for shopping, food, movies, fun with family and friends

Spokane, Washington, is the economic center of the Spokane metropolitan area. This city is where the origin of Father's Day took place.

It hosts the Northwestern Museum of Arts and Culture and famous destinations, like Vast Riverfront Park, the 1974 World's Fair site, and the sculpture walk.

Apart from its vast historical base, it is famous for its biggest malls and shopping centers. Here's a list of some of the famous malls in Spokane, Washington, USA.

3 Best Shopping Malls in Spokane, Washington, USA:

1. NorthTown Mall - 4750 N Division St, Spokane

2. Spokane Valley Mall - 14700 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley

3. River Park Square - 808 W Main Ave, Spokane


Best Shopping Centers in Spokane, WA:

1. Northpointe Plaza - 9921 N Nevada St, Spokane


Best Restaurants in Spokane, Washington:

1. The Flour Mill - 621 W Mallon Ave, Spokane


3 Best shopping malls in Spokane, WA for shopping, food, movies, fun with family and friends

1. NorthTown Mall, Spokane

Originally built as an open-air center in 1955, Northtown Mall is probably one of Spokane's oldest and biggest malls. 

It is built-in an area of 1,048,908 square feet, which makes it capable of hosting 175 stores selling items of all different segments and is the biggest mall in eastern Washington.

This best shopping mall in Spokane, WA, has been a go-to destination for the locals for entertainment because of its entertainment places like a trampoline park, zoo, animal rides, and other entertainment avenues. 

Northtown Mall is quite popular among buyers of jewelry, accessories, footwear, and personal care products, as it hosts some of the top brands in the categories mentioned above.

However, you can even choose this best mall in Spokane, WA, to buy fashionable goods, clothes, and other items. This mall is also a haven for readers because they can buy books from several bookstores. 

NorthTown Mall in Spokane, WA, is the go-to destination for all fast food lovers. It has a vast range of food stores serving American, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese fast food.

There are a couple of bars in the mall to enjoy happy hours. However, there are few options for casual dining and gourmet food. There is a branch of Regal Cinemas for entertainment purposes in the mall.

Location: Northtown Mall, 4750 N Division St, Spokane, WA 99207, United States

Direction: Go to Mall Map

Contact #: +1 509-482-0209

Mall Website: Northtown Mall

Best known for: Shopping, Food, entertainment, and cinema

Nearest Shopping Center: NorthTown Square (0.5 KM) 


2. Spokane Valley Mall, Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley Mall is one of the best malls in Spokane Valley, WA, in terms of buying fashionable clothes, dining, movies, and entertainment.

Spokane Valley Mall hosts several popular brands in the jewelry, accessories, men's, women's, and children's clothing categories.

There are several personal care, healthcare, beauty, and body care brands in the mall. You can also choose to get relaxed at the couple of body-care spas that this mall hosts.

With its 872,200 square feet and 120 stores, this one of the best shopping malls in Spokane Valley, WA, also offers some of the best brands for exquisite watches.

In terms of entertainment, Spokane Valley Mall also hosts a branch of Regal Cinemas, comprising several cinema halls and an eatery counter in the branch itself.

Spokane Valley Mall offers you a great variety of foods in terms of food and dining. This place is the destination to go to if you love food.

There are several options in the mall to enjoy casual dining, fast food, snacks, gourmet, bakery items, and whatnot. Apart from you, you can also choose to dine at some of the best sit-down restaurants in the city.

Some of the eateries here also offer drive-in and curbside pickups. Although, the in-house dining options are a better choice to enjoy the day and have some delicious food. 

Location: Spokane Valley Mall, 14700 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, United States

DirectionGo to Mall Map

Contact #: +1 509-926-5575

Mall Website: Spokane Valley Mall

Best known for: shopping, clothes, food, and cinema

Nearest Shopping Center: Opportunity Shopping Center (3.2 KM) 


3. River Park Square, Spokane

This mall in Spokane has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Opened in 1974, this mall has come close to getting wrapped down in the next decade of its existence.

River Park Square was renewed and renovated in the year 1999. Since then, this top outlet mall in Spokane has become one of the most popular shopping and entertainment attractions for visitors.

One of the reasons why River Park Square can be considered one of the best shopping malls in Spokane, Washington, is the sheer variety of goods it offers.

The retail space is enormous and boasts national and international brands in fashion, home decor, personal care, healthcare, and sports. River Park Square currently has 62 stores in it. 

River Park Square has a branch of AMC Theatres to enjoy movies. It is also quite famous for its state-of-the-art cineplex facilities and comfort.

For food and dining, you can explore more than 15+ restaurants, eateries, and bakeries that this mall has to offer. You may taste a variety of cuisines in the broad arena of dining and food options present in River Park Square.

All of the shopping, cinema, food, and dining are present in an area of 800,000 square feet. Currently, there are no entertainment centers in the mall.

Location: River Park Square, 808 W Main Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

Direction: Go to Mall Map

Contact #: +1 509-363-0304

Mall Website: River Park Square

Best known for: Shopping, Food, and cinema. 

Nearest Shopping Center: Omanche Shopping Center (0.5 KM) 


Best Shopping Centers in Spokane, WA 

1. Northpointe Plaza, Spokane

Northpointe Plaza is one of the best shopping centers in Spokane, Washington, for buying consumer goods. It is pretty famous because it offers all the consumer goods at one single point.

Northpointe Plaza is in an area of 377,893 square feet. It is a place for shopping in Spokane with several consumers, fashion, and department stores for your daily needs.

This place for shopping in Spokane has 34 retail stores, including home decor, stationery, personal care, and a couple of spas.

People also go to Northpointe Plaza to get some hardware materials from a couple of hardware stores in the plaza. You can also buy gifts for your furry friends from various pet care and pet shops available in Northpointe Plaza.

When visiting this place for shopping in Spokane, you can enjoy several eateries and restaurants. A couple of stores in the shopping center are famous for their pizza and fast food.

There are several ethnic Mexican and Japanese food places here that are popular among the locals. Currently, there are no cinemas or entertainment centers. 

Location: Northpointe Plaza, 9921 N Nevada St, Spokane, WA 99218, United States

Direction: Go to Mall Map

Contact #: +509 459-6109

Website: Northpointe Plaza

Best known for: shopping, and food

Nearest Shopping Center: Heritage Village Shopping Center (1.12 KM) 


Best Restaurant in Spokane, WA

1. The Flour Mill, Spokane

The Flour Mill carries an immense historical significance since the first Flour Mill opened in 1895 and closed in 1972. The Flour Mill is a popular destination for food lovers in Spokane.

The Flour Mill reopened as a restaurant and shopping center in 1974, and the same year, it hosted the famous world fair.

This place is perfect for shoppers, but mainly for food lovers. Here you can enjoy traditional American food and outdoor seating for drinks and refreshments.

It also has various unique items like collectibles, gems, fossils, art, and ethnically and culturally significant products. Other unusual items you can see in The Flour Mill.

Location: The Flour Mill, 621 W Mallon Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

Direction: Go to Mall Map

Contact #: +1 509-838-6541

Best known for: Dining & Food and other

Nearest malls: River Park Square (0.9 KM) 


People also ask:

1. What is the best mall in Spokane, WA? 

NorthTown Mall is the best mall in Spokane, Washington, because it has excellent shopping, food, dining, and entertainment options.

2. What is the biggest shopping mall in Spokane, WA?

NorthTown Plaza is the biggest mall in Spokane, Washington, with an area of 1,048,908 square feet and 175 stores. It is well known for its clothing, food, dining, and entertainment options. 

3. Which is a must-visit mall in Spokane? 

River Park Square is a must-visit mall in Spokane, and it has one of the most extensive ranges of fashion options. The products here range from fashion accessories to personal care to health and beauty.

4. Which is the best mall in Spokane, Washington, in terms of buying gifts? 

Spokane Valley Mall hosts some of the best watches, jewelry, and accessories brands, so this is the best mall in Spokane, Washington, to buy gifts for your family and friends.



Q. Name The Top 5 Restaurants In Spokane.

A. Grab a bite at The Mizuna Restaurant And Wine Bar, The Wild Sage Bistro, The Steam Plant Restaurant & Brew Pub, The Onion Bar & Grill Downtown Spokane, and The Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen, which have been known as the best-rated restaurants in Spokane with a 4+ rating on Google and have great reviews by locals and tourists.

Q. Please Suggest The Top 5 Hotels In Spokane.

A. To enjoy your stay in Spokane, confirm your stay at one of the top 5 hotels here. The best combination of luxury and comfort can be found at

1) The Davenport Grand, Autograph Collection,

2) The Historic Davenport, Autograph Collection,

3) The DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Spokane City Center,

4) The Best Western Plus City Center, and

5) The Hotel Indigo Spokane Downtown.

Q. Do You Know The Top 5 Street Foods In Spokane?

A. If you are looking to eat the best local foods in Spokane, here are our top 5 recommendations–

1) The Pink Cookies,

2) Frank's Signature Hotcakes,

3) The Wisconsin-Style Burger,

4) The Northwest Seafood, and

5) The Guanciale Pizza.

Q. What Names Are There In The Top 5 Flea Markets In Spokane?

A. The top-rated flea markets in Spokane, according to Yelp and Google, are - The Great Northwest Vendor Mall, The Kendall Yards Night Market, The Market Street Antiques, The Spencer's Antiques & Collectibles Emporium, and The Pine Street Market & Boutique.

Q. Name The Top 5 Must-Visit Locations In Spokane.

A. In agreement with Google and many websites, the top 5 places to visit in Spokane are – The Martin Woldson Theater At The Fox, The Riverfront Park, The Centennial Trail, The Northwest Museum Of Arts & Culture 169, and The Barrister Winery.

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