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best shopping malls in london ontario

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A List of Top Malls in London, Canada


London is the biggest city in Southwest Ontario and the hub of the similarly sized Greater London Area.

The malls in London, Ontario, are frequented by tourists who want to buy items to bring home and locals who wish to spend their time in a location with a wide variety of retailers.

The most incredible thing about London is its central location, which means that no matter where you are, you are an hour away from this beautiful city.


You may visit several shopping centers and many exciting stores where you can eat. The top shopping malls in London, Ontario, are listed below:


Top Malls In London, Canada


1. White Oaks Mall- 1105 Wellington Rd, London 

2. CF Masonville Place - 1680 Richmond St, London 

3. Cherryhill Village Mall - 301 Oxford St W, London

4. Citi Plaza - 355 Wellington St, London 


Shopping Centres in London, Canada 


1. Argyle Mall - 1925 Dundas St, London

2. Northland Mall - 1275 Highbury Ave N, London 

3. Oxbury Center - 1299 Oxford St E, London  

4. Westmount Shopping Center - 785 Wonderland Rd S, London 




1. White Oaks Mall


White Oaks Mall is one of London, Ontario's most important retail malls, attracting locals and visitors.

Its position makes stopping by and visiting convenient for travelers from any direction. It has 928,772 square feet of total area.


There are more than 180 stores in the mall, many of which are top names, and a variety of restaurants.

A mall is a place where you may stay all day without becoming bored! At 1105 Wellington Road South,

the White Oaks Mall is close to 401. There is a tonne of free parking accessible.


The White Oaks Mall is home to a wide variety of retailers, including clothes, jewelry, shoe, household goods, and more.

There are also branded stores in the mall, where you can get fantastic prices on name-brand goods.


Location: 1105 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6E 1V4, Canada

Mall Timing:  Monday to Friday (10 am to 8 pm), Sunday (11 am to 5 pm) 


Contact: +15196810434

Best for Shopping, food, entertainment

Nearby mall: Westmount center, 5.9 km


2. CF Masonville Place


CF In London, Ontario, near the junction of Richmond Street and Fanshawe Park Road, is where you'll find Masonville Place.

It has a 686,000 sqft of total area. Western University and Fanshawe College are around a 5-minute drive away. The location is roughly 2.5 miles west of the downtown center.

More than 200 well-known brand-name retailers and services are in this sizable, two-level shopping area.

More than 200 well-known brand-name retailers and services are present in the mall. You will get to shop from top domestic and international brands. 


Not just these products you can enjoy food as well. The food court has several famous eateries from where you can try eating.

From pizza to burgers to Indian, you can enjoy all sorts of delicacies here. 


The food court part of CF Masonville Place also features several sit-down restaurants, including a cookhouse & Bar.

The annual Easter Bunny Photos event takes place in April, among many other fantastic special events held at CF Masonville Place.


Location: 1680 Richmond St, London, ON N6G 3Y9, Canada


Mall Timing: Monday to Friday (10 am to 9 pm), Saturday (10 am to 8 pm), Sunday (10 am to 5 pm)


Contact: +15196674884

Best for Shopping, food, entertainment

Nearby mall: Indigo - North London, 210m



3. Cherryhill Village Mall


With all the main businesses present, Cherryhill Village Mall is one of the top shopping malls in London, Ontario.

In addition, the mall contains a pet shop and a medical facility. It has 1,248,347 sqft of area.

Whether you want to go Shopping or grab a bite to eat, there is always something to do here.

You can locate some of the top and most famous retailers at Cherryhill Village Mall.

You may shop until you drop at all the fantastic retailers available at Cherryhill Village Mall. 

Cherryhill Village Mall is a great shopping spot at 301 Oxford Street West, London, Ontario, N6H 1S6.

There are numerous shops to select from in Cherryhill Village Mall. There are famous electronics brands to fulfill your dream of buying something exciting in electronics. 

You can buy necklaces, rings, and earrings at the cherry hill village mall's jewelry shop.

Several other retailers are also available at Cherryhill Village Mall. You can eat at the nearby cafe if you want coffee or donuts.

If you want a sandwich, you can also dine at any restaurant. There are several dining options in Cherryhill Village Mall as well!


Location:  301 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1S6, Canada

Mall Timing:  Monday to Saturday (9 am to 7 pm) and Sunday (11 am to 5 pm)


Contact: +15194337257

Best for: Shopping, Food, and Entertainment 

Nearby mall: White Oaks Mall, 8.5 km



4. Citi Plaza


Citi Plaza, one of London, Ontario's most important retail malls, is spread across three levels.

The mall is also the largest one in the heart of London. There are shops in this mall that offer practically anything you can imagine.

It comprises 538,195 sqft of total area.


Several restaurants and cafés are present in this mall among the stores.

Here you can have a satisfying meal or take a quick break to rest your aching feet after a long shopping day.

Movie theatres and other enjoyable kid-friendly activities are among the entertainment options available at the Citi Plaza.


The Ivey Faculty of Business at Western University is on the mall's third floor. In contrast, the offices are on the second story.

As a result, Citi Plaza, which boasts some of the top office spaces in London, Ontario, would be your best option.

This mall would be a terrific choice if you were seeking office space in the heart of London.


Location:  355 Wellington St, London, ON N6A 3N7, Canada

Mall Timing: Monday to Sunday (10 am to 6 pm)


Contact: +15194345718

Best for: Shopping, food, stay, entertainment, Office space

Nearby mall: Cherryhill Village Mall,4.6 km



Shopping Centres 


1. Argyle Mall


Argyle Mall is one of London, Ontario's most well-liked retail centers.

It has a total of 320,456 sqft of total area. It is at the crossroads of Adelaide and Dundas Streets.

It's a terrific location for good eating, shopping for clothing and jewelry, and enjoying a lovely lunch. 

It has approximately 150 shops and services on one floor, including well-known businesses.

A theatre nearby runs wide-release films for most of the month.

The Argyle Mall is a terrific spot to let your kids play in the kid-friendly play area while you enjoy a tasty breakfast buffet or treat yourself to lunch in the food court.


Even the lovely Mediterranean gardens outside the shopping center's main entrance are accessible for strolling.

Consider seeing a performance at the neighboring London Symphony Orchestra concert venue, where you can see everything from classical concerts to global music performances. 


Location: 1925 Dundas St, London, ON N5V 1P7, Canada

Mall Timing: Monday to Friday (9 am to 10 pm)Sunday (11 am to 7 pm)

Best for Shopping, food, entertainment

Nearby shopping center: Eastwood Centre, 550m


2. Northland Mall 


A vibrant mix of more than 100 shops and services is available in the regional shopping center known as Northland Mall.

The center is conveniently located on Fanshawe Park Road and is reachable by vehicle or public transportation. It comprises 302,680 sqft of total area.


Northland Mall has over 100 additional retail establishments catering to a diverse customer spectrum.

The center also has various eating establishments, including favorites for grab-and-go meals. There are quick-service restaurants.


Along with a wide variety of stores, Northland Mall has a fitness center, child care, tailoring, financial facilities, and a Cineplex Odeon movie theatre.


Location:  1275 Highbury Ave N, London, ON N5Y 1A8, Canada

Mall Timing:  Monday to Sunday (9 am to 9 pm) 

Contact: +15194536840

Best for: Shopping, food, stay, entertainment

Nearby shopping center: Oxbury Centre, 1.7km



3. Oxbury Center 


One of Ontario's top retail centers is Oxbury Centre. Rich greenery and beautiful landscapes surround it.

The shopping center features several shops where you may get whatever you need, along with a sizable food court and a roomy parking lot.

At the intersection of Oxford Street and Hyde Park Road sits the Oxbury Center.

It's convenient to go there by vehicle or public transportation because this is a relatively busy area of the city. 


There are several locations to park cars, including a few covered spaces for anyone who likes to avoid the sun.

It has 170,000 Sqft of total area. Additionally, bus stops close to the shopping center make it more straightforward for those without automobiles to get there.


The ground floor and an underground level comprise Oxbury Center's two levels.

Men's and women's clothing retailers are among the most well-reputed ones, located at the first level.

Men's and women's clothing retailers are some of the best among those on the first level.


Additionally, there is a store where shoes and other skateboarding-related things are available.

Quite a few stores provide clothing for kids in addition to toys and other kid-friendly things.

Additionally, shops selling jewelry and purses offer charms with unique designs. 

Location: 1299 Oxford St E, London, ON N5Y 4W5, Canada

Mall Timing: Monday to Sunday (8 am to 8 pm) 

Contact: +15194521710

Best for: Shopping, food, stay, entertainment

Nearby shopping center: Northland Mall, 1.7km



4. Westmount Shopping Center 


One of London, Ontario's top retail centers in Westmount Shopping Centre. This shopping center, situated at Oxford Street West and Wonderland Road,

features over 100 shops and services, including a food court. It has 39,179 sqft of total area.

This shopping center has fantastic stores, services, and facilities the shopping center has to offer.


There are many well-known restaurants found in the food. The shopping center is near London Transit's primary bus lines.

You may select from neighboring parking lots and buildings when visiting the shopping center.


Location: 785 Wonderland Rd S, London, ON N6K 1M6, Canada

Mall Timing: Monday to Saturday (10 am to 6 pm), Sunday (12 am to 5 pm)


Contact: +15196410976

Best for Shopping, food, entertainment

Nearby mall: White Oaks Mall, 5.9km


People Also Ask 


1. Where in London are the finest shopping malls?


London's top shopping malls are The CF Masonville Place, White Oaks Mall, Argyle Mall, and Cherryhill Village Mall. 


2. Are the malls open every day?


Yes, most malls are open from Monday to Sunday at their respective times.


 3. Where can couples find essential shopping centers in London?


The following are the top locations in London for couples looking for shopping centers: The CF Masonville Place, White Oaks Mall, Northland Mall, and Citi Plaza. 



Please visit the individual mall websites for the most recent opening and closing times.


Please let us know if there are any other London malls or retail complexes that we should include in the list above.

Please let us know about your experiences at the malls mentioned above. 

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