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beginners guide to instagram guides feature

  • 2022-11-14 22:49

Emberify: A Beginner's Guide to Instagram' Guides' Feature 

Instagram is a visually-focused social media platform that consistently stays ahead of the curve.

Boasting over 1 billion active users, this application often comes up with interactive features to enhance user experience. 

Of all the features, 'Guides' is the latest option added to present valuable content in a different way for Instagram users.

This practical tool can repurpose published posts and curate content from your profile. The best part is that creators can try free instagram likes trial to garner more engagement with Guides content. 

From the user's perspective, one can discover tips, recommendations, and more content marked by brands, creators, and public figures on Instagram.

Still, you want to learn more about Instagram's Guides feature? That's great.

This article will take you through the essential aspects of Guides for leveraging them in your future content. Let's get started! 

Types of Instagram Guides 

Generally, there are three types of Guides: Post, Place, and Product. Each Guide differs from another and yields various benefits to reaching people on Instagram.

View the quick view of the many Guides provided below.

Place Instagram Guides - This kind of Guide is suitable for spotlighting specific locations or providing place-based tips to your Instagram community.

The best part is that you can showcase multiple places with the same theme. Consider you are a travel influencer who can use this Guide to give recommendations, tour guides, etc.,

Post Instagram Guides - With this Guide type, you can curate and display previous posts that you want to share with your audience.

In simple terms, create new content with a collection of old posts. But remember that you should create Post Guides from the saved posts.

Some Post Guide examples are lists, how-to guides, and more. Take advantage of Emberify to spread your content among a vast audience and bring in followers for your profile. 

Product Instagram Guides - This kind of Guide helps users highlight e-commerce products or products from any brand they partner with.

It can be directly linked to Instagram Shop, so you can create only the posts users can find there. Here is a few Product Guides from which you can get inspiration;

'Personal care kit,' 'Checklist for travel packaging,' and so on. 

Once you have decided on the proper Guides format for your profile, add images, posts, and links for further proceedings. 


How to Create & Set Up 'Guides' on Instagram? 

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make Guides on Instagram for your brand or business. 

Step 1: Create Instagram' Guides'

➔ Open the Instagram application and make sure you are at the right profile.

➔ Next, move to the '+' icon in the top right corner from the respective profile and tap on it.

➔ Now select the 'Guide' option from the Create New pop-up menu that appears. 

Remember that Guides is available for all Instagram users, but it will be visible for only a few on their profile.

So if you don't find the 'Guides' option in your profile, don't worry. Here is another way to access it easily.

➔ find out an Instagram profile that has a 'Guides' option

➔ Open any of their Guides and scroll down until the end

➔ Now, you will get an option to create your Guide.


Step 2: Add Content to Instagram Guides 

You are all set to create 'Guides' that enrich your profile and benefit your community. 

First, click on the type of Instagram Guide you want to build from the three options. 

● Places

● Product

● Posts 

Whatever the content format you choose, follow the below-given guidelines to add content efficiently. 

Note: A user can select content only from Instagram feed posts and not from the Stories section. IGTV and Reel's videos published on feeds can be added to your Guides. 

Based on the content format you opt for, tap on the post thumbnail you want to add. 

The posts will be appeared as per the number shown on the corner.

Click on the oldest posts first to arrange them in chronological order.

Places Guide: Look out for the location on Instagram and select places you need to add. You could add up to 5 posts to the specific location.

It will be an excellent choice for local businesses to spread the business location to audiences. 

Post Guide: Add posts from Your Posts or Saved Posts option. It is possible to include up to 30 posts in a single Guide.

In case you need to add posts from other's profiles, it is necessary to bookmark the specific content to your 'Saved Posts. 

Product Guide: Here, you are supposed to add posts related to a single product. So search for Instagram Shops from which you want to pick content.

Once you have decided on the Shop, select the product you want to feature and posts related to that.

Besides, avail the support of Emberify to boost engagement for these posts and strengthen your profile. 


Step 3: Optimize Your Instagram Guides 

After selecting the required content for Instagram Guides, you will be taken to the page where you can format the page. Continue reading to format Guides content.

➔ Embed an appropriate title for every Guide that you create.

➔ Next, add a description of the Guide with brief details 

➔ Change the cover photo of the Guide as per your need

➔ And make the required changes to enhance your Guide format

If you are done with the formatting process, hit on the 'Next' option in the screen's upper right corner. 


Step 4: Publish Instagram Guide 

After completing the above steps, you could preview the Guides before sharing them on your Instagram profile.

Then, if you are satisfied with everything, tap on the Share option. Finally, you and your audience can view the published Guide on your profile. 


Let's Wrap Up 

I hope you clearly know what 'Guides' is and how it will benefit Instagram users. Depending on your needs, please make use of Guides in creative ways to yield its perks.

For example, since Guides is shareable, you can promote it on Instagram Stories or send it directly to your followers via DM.

All these efforts will benefit your users to avail valuable information, thus positively impacting your profile's growth. 

Keep learning, and Keep growing :) 

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