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best guest posting sites in colombia

  • 2023-09-07 01:14

Top 21 Colombian Guest Post Sites for Content Lovers: An Exploration

Guest posting has become integral to content marketing strategies, allowing writers to share their expertise, enhance their online presence, and build valuable backlinks.

Colombia's rich culture, diverse landscapes, and dynamic society provide a captivating backdrop for content enthusiasts to contribute guest posts.

21 Best Guest Posting Sites in Colombian - High DA PA Websites

In the comprehensive blog post, we will delve into Colombia's top 21 guest post sites, offering a diverse range of topics and niches to explore.

1. Punnaka.com

On www.punnaka.com, You can also share guest posts and articles for publication on general topics like business, beauty, shopping, food, lifestyle, education, marketing, digital marketing, services, software, technology, travel, and more.

Punnaka.com allows you to do-follow links, which will be permanent. The articles and blogs will be index as per Google norms.

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2. Colombia Reports

"Colombia Reports" is a prominent guest posting website in Colombia, offering a platform for contributors to share insights, analyses, and perspectives on various facets of Colombia's news, culture, politics, and more.

With an emphasis on delivering news in English, this platform welcomes guest writers to contribute articles that provide both local and global audiences with a deeper understanding of Colombia's dynamic landscape.

Whether interested in political commentary, cultural explorations, or social issues, "Colombia Reports" offers an avenue to contribute to informed discussions and engage with an audience curious about Colombia's evolving narrative.

3. Medellin Living

"Medellin Living" is a prominent guest posting website in Colombia dedicated to all things related to life in Medellin and the broader Colombian experience.

With a focus on providing valuable insights, local perspectives, and practical advice, this platform allows guest contributors to share their experiences, stories, and recommendations about living, working, and exploring Medellin.

Whether you're an expat, a traveler, or someone captivated by the city's culture, "Medellin Living" welcomes your contributions to enrich its readers' understanding of life in this vibrant Colombian metropolis.

4. The City Paper Bogotá

"The City Paper Bogotá" is a prominent guest posting website in Colombia, offering a diverse blend of news, culture, and lifestyle content centered around Bogotá and beyond.

With a focus on delivering informative & engaging articles, this platform welcomes guest writers to contribute insights, perspectives, and stories highlighting various aspects of life in Colombia's capital.

Whether you're interested in sharing cultural observations, exploring local events, or discussing social issues, "The City Paper Bogotá" provides a platform to connect with readers curious about Bogotá's dynamic landscape and enriching experiences.

5. See Colombia Travel

"See Colombia Travel" is a prominent guest posting website in Colombia promoting travel and tourism throughout the country.

This platform offers guest contributors an avenue to share their firsthand experiences, travel guides, itineraries, and recommendations related to exploring Colombia's diverse landscapes, cultures, and attractions.

Whether you're an avid traveler, an adventure seeker, or simply passionate about showcasing Colombia's beauty, "See Colombia Travel" provides a platform to connect with an audience eager to embark on memorable journeys across this enchanting South American destination.

6. The Expat Chronicles

"The Expat Chronicles" is a noteworthy guest posting website in Colombia that offers expats a platform to share their unique experiences & insights about living in the country.

With a focus on the expat perspective, this platform welcomes guest contributors to provide personal anecdotes, cultural observations, and practical advice for navigating life in Colombia.

Whether you're adjusting to local customs, learning the language, or exploring the cultural nuances, "The Expat Chronicles" provides a space to connect with fellow expats and offer valuable insights into the intricacies of life in Colombia.

7. Uncover Colombia

"Uncover Colombia" is a notable guest posting website in Colombia that focuses on showcasing the beauty and diversity of the country.

Dedicated to travel, culture, and exploration, this platform allows guest contributors to share their adventures, encounters, and insights from their journeys across Colombia.

Whether you're passionate about immersive cultural experiences, natural wonders, or off-the-beaten-path destinations, "Uncover Colombia" provides a space to captivate readers with your stories and discoveries while promoting the enchanting tapestry that is Colombia.

8. Banana Skin Flip Flops

"Banana Skin Flip Flops" offers a humorous take on life in Colombia. This platform welcomes guest writers who can share lighthearted anecdotes, cultural observations, and unique experiences from their time in the country.

9. The Colombian Post

"The Colombian Post" covers various topics, including news, culture, business, and travel. Guest contributors with insights into Colombia's multifaceted landscape can contribute to informed discussions on this platform.

10. Two Expats Colombia

"Two Expats Colombia" is run by a pair of expats living in Colombia. Guest writers can contribute personal stories, travel tips, and cultural insights from their unique perspectives as foreigners in the country.

11. Medellin Guru

"Medellin Guru" is a resource hub for expats and travelers interested in Medellin. Whether sharing information on living costs, neighborhoods, or local events, guest writers can provide valuable information for newcomers.

12. Colombia Travel Blog

"Colombia Travel Blog" promotes sustainable and responsible travel in Colombia. Writers passionate about ecotourism, adventure, and cultural exploration can contribute guest posts that align with the site's values.

13. The Bogota Post

"The Bogota Post" covers the Colombian capital's news, politics, culture, and more. Guest contributors can provide insights into Bogota's evolving landscape, local events, and cultural trends.

14. VivaColombia

"VivaColombia" promotes Colombian culture, travel, and lifestyle. Whether you're an artist, a traveler, or a cultural enthusiast, this platform offers a space to share your passion for all things Colombian.

15. Expat Life in Colombia

"Expat Life in Colombia" is a blog about the expat experience. If you're an expat with stories about adapting to life in Colombia, this platform welcomes your insights, challenges, and triumphs.

16. The Lost Avocado

"The Lost Avocado" offers a blend of travel, culture, and lifestyle content. Writers with a knack for storytelling can contribute guest posts highlighting their journeys and encounters in Colombia.

17. Sarepa

"Sarepa" is a travel and lifestyle blog focused on Colombia. Guest contributors can share their experiences exploring Colombian cities, trying local cuisine, and immersing themselves in the culture.

18. Invest in Bogota

"Invest in Bogota" focuses on business, investment, and economic insights related to Bogota. Guest writers with expertise in these areas can contribute valuable content about the city's business landscape.

19. Colombia Eco Travel

"Colombia Eco Travel" promotes sustainable and eco-friendly travel experiences in Colombia. This platform welcomes your contributions if you're passionate about responsible tourism, wildlife conservation, or eco-adventures.

20. Legal Parrots

"Legal Parrots" offers insights into legal matters in Colombia. If you know legal regulations, business practices, or expat-related legal topics, this platform provides a space for informative guest posts.

21. The Cultured Nomad

"The Cultured Nomad" covers cultural experiences and reflections on Colombia. Whether it's exploring festivals, traditions, or historical landmarks, guest writers can share their deep dives into Colombian culture.


Colombia's rich tapestry of culture, landscapes, and experiences offers a diverse canvas for guest contributors to share their expertise and insights.

Colombia's top 21 guest post sites provide content enthusiasts with various niches and topics to engage with, from travel and culture to business and lifestyle. By contributing to these platforms, writers enhance their online presence and contribute to the broader narrative surrounding Colombia's vibrant society, remarkable history, and captivating destinations.

Whether you're an expat, a travel enthusiast, or an expert in your field, these guest post sites offer a valuable opportunity to connect with audiences eager to explore and understand the multifaceted essence of Colombia.

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