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best guest posting sites in austria

  • 2023-03-27 01:02

Top 18 Guest Post Websites in Austria

Austria is located in the geographical center of Europe, surrounded by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Switzerland to the west, Italy and Slovenia to the south, and Hungary and Slovakia to the east.

The country's nominal GDP is 33rd in the world, but the market is relatively prosperous, with a population of approximately 9 million. 

In digital marketing, it is of utmost importance to raise your website's domain authority; to do so, you must obtain backlinks from other websites with a high page rank. Building backlinks is the most effective strategy for off-page SEO.

A high-quality hyperlink is essential in this regard as well. Therefore, if you search for websites to acquire hyperlinks, you have arrived at the correct place.

In this post, we will talk about the websites in Austria that have opened the door to guest blogging and provide links to those websites.

Concurrently, we will also discuss the specialty of those websites to assist you in narrowing down your options for the gateway. 


18 Best Guest Post Websites in Austria

1. Punnaka.com

Punnaka.com accepts guest posts on general topics like business, technology, travel, shopping, food, Beauty, Health, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Software, and others.

They allow two-to-follow links per general post.

The link and post will be permanent in the general post. The articles will be Google Indexed as per Google norms.

Please share article topics or articles at [email protected]


2. Investecoin.com

Invest e coin is a blogging platform dedicated to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It focuses on educating people about correct measures of investment through blogs.

Interested in the crypto world can contact this website for a guest blog. 

They also accept articles on finance, trading, accounts, business, travel, shopping, food, beauty, software, marketing, digital marketing, health, and more. They allow 2 to 3 to follow links per post.

The article will be indexed as per google norms. 

Please share articles and blogs for posting at [email protected]


3. Freethemes4all.com 

Free themes for all is a website that provides 3000 free CMS themes. It is a good-ranking website with 61 Ahref’s domain ranking.

On similarweb.com, the traffic is around 1486. One can contact this website for a guest post. 


4. Sport.if.ua 

Sports.if.ua is a sports news website with 27 domain ranking on ahref and 4,892 traffic, according to similarweb.com.

If you want a guest posting in a sports niche, this website is for you. 


5. Prwave.ro 

PR Wave International is a website that renders the services of public relations and image building in the market.

They also provide online marketing campaigns. The domain rank on the ahref is 52.

The smilarweb.com shows 12,545 monthly traffic on the website. Those in the media industry can get their relevant posts published on this portal for backlinks. 


6. Bitcoinmag.de

BitcoinMag is a website that caters to learners and seasoned users of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The website keeps users up-to-date with the latest developments in the bitcoin market and educates them about decentralized money.

The number of visitors to similarweb.com is 8,316. On the other hand, according to Ahref, the domain has a ranking of 42.

This is a market that is experiencing growth.

Those who have an interest in the blockchain business and want to contribute to this website's blog can get in touch with the administrators.


7. Boerse-express.com

A stock exchange website, Boerse-Express, has an average of 96,616 visitors per month and 66 domain authority (DR) on Ahref.

The enthusiasts of the stock market would adore having the ability to acquire the backlink from this website. 


8. Nudelheissundhos.de

Nudelheissundhos is a website that focuses on food blogging and offers short books that provide reviews of various recipes.

If food is your area of expertise, submitting a guest article to this website would be your best option.

According to similarweb.com, the average number of monthly visitors is 16,184. The Domain Ranking is seven on Ahref. 


9. Independentfemme.com

Independent Femme is a website that focuses on blogging and online shopping. It successfully sells a few books and T-Shirts in its niche related to its subject.

This blog covers a variety of lifestyle subjects, including fitness, beauty, relationships, and other aspects of modern living. The DR is 35, and there are 4,925 monthly visitors. 


10. Rizanoia.com

Rizanoia is a website specializing in travel blogging and offering girl stickers. According to similarweb.com, the website receives 2,680 visitors monthly and has a domain position of 13.

Contact this website if you want to publish your writing on vacation blogs to receive backlinks to your articles. 


11. Thepumpingstation.com

The Pumping Station is a bodybuilding website and magazine that discusses bodybuilding supplements and other health-related topics.

While the domain has a position of 14 on Ahref, the portal sees an average of 2,862 visitors per month.

People interested in the fitness niche and the workout specialty are welcome to submit applications for guest blogging opportunities here. 


12. Iconicshots.com

Iconic Shot is an online magazine for creative entrepreneurs, designers, and freelancers looking to broaden their minds and improve their skills.

Topics covered include life and technology. It holds a position of 42 on Ahref and receives an average of 1,476 visitors per month. 


13. Theroamingrenegades.com

The Roaming Renegades sees significant monthly traffic, with 24,930 users.

The Domain Rankin on Ahref is 30. It is a website in the form of a travel blog that offers travel guidance and various travel maps.

People obsessed with traveling can have their writings about traveling published on this website in exchange for a backlink. 


14. Motormanner.com

Motor Manner is dedicated to writing automotive-related articles.

The website has a domain ranking of 30 and receives 2,975 visitors per month.

The automotive sector can use this blogging website to market its products by utilizing affiliates and backlinks. 


15. Seriesandtv.com

Series Ndtv discusses various topics, including films, action and drama, athletics, travel, and books.

The website covers a wide variety of subjects. Similarweb.com reports 37,635 unique visitors monthly, while ahref's domain ranking for the website is 29.

Backlinks can be obtained from this website for those interested in the entertainment business. 


16. Vergemagazine.co.uk

Lifestyle, fashion, health and beauty, entertainment, and sports are the topics that are covered in the articles written by Verge Magazine.

The domain ranking is 48, while the monthly average traffic is 45,626. 


17. Operation.de

Operation is a web portal that writes blogs on beauty, health, and fitness.

The average monthly traffic is 28,542. Health-conscious freaks can contact this portal to obtain a hyperlink for their site. 


18. Grundlagen-computer.de

Grundlagen Computer has monthly average traffic of 22,533, while the domain ranking is 48.

The website writes blogs on software, hardware, SEO, SMO, etc.

All the info-tech looking for a platform for guest blogging can find this platform relevant for themselves. 



All the websites discussed above can be used to increase your domain authority by seeking their backlinks.

Those working in Austria as Digital Marketers and needing clarification about whom to consult for hyperlinks would have noted down all the websites.

For more information, you can contact us. Also, contact us if you want to learn how to write a guest post or communicate while asking for a guest post. 


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