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  • 2023-03-06 17:54

Cisco's New CCIE EI Certification | New CCIE Certification

With the reform of the Cisco Certification System, the examination direction of Cisco CCIE has also changed.

In addition to making adjustments in the addition, merger, and cancellation of various subjects, the examination methods and contents have also changed accordingly, a significant change in the past 20 years.

Among them, the biggest concern is the cancellation of RS (Routing and switching), which has been popular for over 20 years, and the introduction of the new direction of EI (Enterprise Infrastructure).

RS CCIE has always been the first choice for most network engineers to obtain CCIE Certification.

Because routing and switching are network engineers' foundations, some zero-based novices think CCIE is just about routing and switching.

They need to learn the benefits and advantages of other directions at the beginning of their entry.

Now RS is gone, what should we do? CCIE RS, the certificate quickly to get the door open is gone.


CCIE EI Direction

1. Replacement and Update of New direction CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification has replaced CCIE Routing and Switching Certification.

CCIE Wireless Certification has changed to CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certification.

2. CCIE EI Written Examination CCIE EI Written Examination code is changed to 350-401.

3. CCIE EI Lab Examination CCIE EI Lab Examination consists of two modules.

3-hour design, 5-hour experiment

The launch of the new certification system has also raised concerns for many network engineers.

Can CCIE EI be quickly passed? Is it good? Is it reasonable to find a job after the exam?

First of all, can I obtain the certificate quickly? It's easy to obtain the certificate, but it's not recommended.

It's essential to study steadily. After all, learning skills is the most important, not the certificate.

So, is it easy? Learning in institutions that focus on CCIE training go website for check makes it not a problem. The answer to this question is to choose SPOTO first.

Can I? Without self-confidence, you can't do anything.

If you think you can, you must be able. Don't worry once you have the help of SPOTO teachers.

Is it reasonable to find a job after the exam? It's easy to find.

You get a lot of job opportunities after getting the Certification, not to mention new directions and technologies.

But to get a high-quality job, you must study hard and have a solid theoretical foundation.

Only copying homework can't pass the interview, and the certificate will become meaningless.


If you are an engineer with multiple CCIE certifications and much network project experience, don't hesitate to choose EI Certification,

which will prove that you have a deep and systematic understanding of new technologies and help improve your background strength.

Those who already have CCIE RS don't need to take the exam, and the certificate will be upgraded automatically.

The study of new technologies can be obtained through our SDN special courses.


If you just entered the network industry and don't have a lot of project experience, and don't have CCIE Certification, The EI may be an RS. It has changed.

Initially, it is recommended to learn RS for the novice with zero foundation because the learning cycle of RS is shorter and more essential.

Now, in addition to the original foundation of RS, we must fully understand some contents of SP and also face the technical learning of software definition and programming.

Therefore, choosing the Certification of the operator SP will be faster for the network workers with an excellent demand for Certification.

SP direction is the upgrade of knowledge content, which is bound to be simpler than the newly launched EI in learning and textual research.

From basic routing and switching to the configuration and understanding of large-scale routing technology, it will quickly and practically help you complete the stable development of your current career.

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