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The Health Benefits of Keeping a Fish Aquarium at Home

With our everyday lives becoming more and more hectic, we find it challenging to keep up with the stress that occurs in our daily lives.

The advent of the pandemic, increased workload, deteriorating standards of values, and other pain points contribute to our poor mental and physical health.

This stress is why people find multiple ways to cope during these troubled times. A few popular ways to manage these problems are exercising, yoga, traveling, etc. But the most popular of these ways is keeping a pet.

Table of content:

1. What are the health benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home?

2. What are the Vastu benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home?

3. Which fish is suitable for the aquarium, according to Vastu? 

4. What are the best fish to keep at home? 

5. Where to keep a fish aquarium at home? 

6. How to take care of fish in the aquarium? 

7. What are the fish care tips?

8. Things to put in a fish tank 

9. Checklist for Home Tank

10. Home aquarium ideas

11. Best aquarium Store in Pune

12. Frequently asked questions

The Health Benefits of Keeping a Fish Aquarium at Home

One of the most conventional choices for choosing a pet is having a dog or a cat. But do you know the benefits of keeping an aquarium at your house or workplace are?

Have you ever wondered why psychologists, doctors, astrologers, and others keep aquariums at their workplaces? Here is why: 

1. What are the health benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home?

I) Keeping Home Fish Aquarium at home has many health benefits; significant health benefits are:

II) Reduced Blood Pressure and heart rate

III) Calming Effects in ADHD Sufferers

IV) Calming effects for children and Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia sufferers

V) Stress Relief

VI) Improvements in sleep quality

VII) Decreased pain and anxiety

VII) Improved focus and creativity

A) Good for heart health, hypertension, and calming mind:

Fish tanks are known to benefit people suffering from high blood pressure significantly. Doctors often recommend keeping a fish tank at home because it causes an individual to become calm and thus have a reduced heart rate by watching a fish tank. This reduced heart rate, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

B) Good for Alzheimer’s, ADHD, anxiety, pain, and other mental problems:

It is scientifically proven that fish aquariums at work or home reduce anxiety, depressive thoughts, mental stress, and other issues.

One of the biggest reasons most people prefer to have a fish tank at home is its several mental health benefits. Aquariums are primarily known to have substantial positive effects on people with Alzheimer’s.

Plus, it is also beneficial for children with behavioral problems. Numerous medical and psychological fraternities practice fish tank calming therapy on these patients.

C) Improves concentration among children struggling to focus:

Fish tanks are pretty popular among people who struggle to stay focused for long periods. Merely observing the fish in the tank can help you increase your focus.

Watching fish tanks has been scientifically proven to improve focus in people who regularly observe fish tanks. Children who struggle with focusing on academics can significantly benefit from this activity. Plus, it is a great way to learn about the nature of fish.


2. What are the Vastu benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home?

Vastu shastra believes that keeping a fish tank at home brings prosperity to the owner. The fish tank generates positive energy at home and phases out negative energy.

Vastu experts believe that healthy and energetic fish will directly bring your home good fortune, joy, and happiness. Active fishes depict liveliness. A fish aquarium purifies a house from all evils and promotes serenity. 

In other words, Vastu benefits like wealth, good luck, positivity, and prosperity are the significant benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home.


3. Which fish is suitable for the aquarium, according to Vastu? 

According to Vastu shastra, goldfish are the best fish to keep in a tank. The goldfish is associated with bringing good luck. Arowana, or dragonfish, is also considered prosperous from the Vastu point of view.

Other fishes like Blackmoor, butterfly koi, flower horn fish, guppy fish, cory fish, and angelfish are considered suitable options for the home aquarium from a Vastu point of view. 

Although there are two types of fish, namely saltwater fish and freshwater fish, always check fish compatibility according to the water.


4. What are the best fish to keep at home? 

Several factors are required to be looked at when choosing a fish for your home. It would help if you looked at certain things while deciding which fish is suitable for a home aquarium.

Here are a few types of fish that are good for the home: 

A) Bettas:

Bettas are considered one of the best options to be kept in your fish aquarium. These fish grow up to 8 cm and have vibrantly colored fins, making them the best for aesthetic pleasure.


Although one needs to understand that the males of this fish species are quite aggressive towards other males, it’s better to choose a female betta if you want to keep a lot of fish in your tank. Otherwise, Bettas’ males should be kept single. 

B) Goldfish:

From a Vastu point of view, goldfish are the best options to be kept in a home aquarium. Goldfish are also the most popular choice to be kept as a pet. They grow 2-3 inches.

In western astrology as well, they are considered to be prosperous. They are easy to maintain and can even go without eating. However, it would be best not to take this much gap in feeding them. 

C) Guppy Fish

Guppy fish is also quite popular among people as people often choose guppy fish as their fish tank pet. They grow up to 1 inch in size and are suitable for breeding. Also, they don’t require any oxygen.

Guppy fish are colorful, can be easily kept at home, and require low maintenance. Plus, they are always energetic and always keep the tank lively. 

Other fishes like Blackmoor, cory catfish, butterfly koi, and a few others are also quite popular choices to be kept as pets in an aquarium. 


5. Where to keep a fish aquarium at home? 

There are hundreds of benefits derived from keeping a fish aquarium at home. Still, it is crucial to consider the tank’s placement. Vastu Shastra believes fish tanks are a solution to many Vastu doshas.

Vastu shastra suggests placing aquariums in the southeast corner of a living room. It is considered one of the most prosperous places to keep a fish tank. 


6. How to take care of fish in the aquarium? 

Maintaining freshwater fish is more manageable than other types of fish. They are also suitable for keeping at home because of their manageability.

There are many ways to take care of fish in the aquarium, some of them mentioned below:

I) Research Fish Before Purchasing

II) Perform Regular Water Changes

III) Manage Light in and Around Your Aquarium

IV) Avoid Overfeeding Your Fish

V) Include some plants and greenery

VI) Add an air pump

VII) Invest in a decent filter.


7. What are the fish care tips?

Vastu shastra believes that to get the most benefits from a fish tank, it is essential that you take care of it very correctly.

Here are a few tips to help you understand how to maintain an aquarium at home. Here are a couple of fish care tips for you:

A) Pick the right aquarium:

You must choose the right type of aquarium for your fish. The type and size of the tank play a significant role in maintenance. The bigger the size, the more there will be to maintain.

Plus, the frequency of maintenance also depends on the type of aquarium, i.e., whether it’s a fiber aquarium or a glass aquarium.

Always plan and analyze the types of fish you are planning to bring, and then choose the type of aquarium.

B) Water preservation:

One of the most critical tanks maintenance practices is changing 25% of the water once a month. Apart from that, you must condition the water with aquarium supplements to create a proper environment for the fish. There is a ph-level test kit that you can use to check water suitability. 

C) Feeding:

The task of feeding a fish requires a lot of planning. Fish don’t know how much to eat or when to stop. That’s why you should only feed them once or twice a day. That too, but only for two to three minutes.


There are many items, like bloodworms, holiday food, taio turtle sticks, etc., that you can choose to feed them. However, always consult an expert on what to provide for each type of fish you own.


8. Things to put in a fish tank:

A) Water Conditioner:

Certain types of bacteria are essential for the survival of fish in aquariums. These bacteria are necessary to break down and digest the waste excreted by your fish.

This waste is called ammonia, and it is pretty toxic if left untreated in the water. Ammonia is proven to be quite detrimental to fish health and life. 

B) Fish Filters: 

Apart from water conditioners, fish filters like Bluepet Filters, Hangon Filters, Venus Filters, and SOBO filters are necessary. You can choose any one of them as a must-have for your aquarium.

The primary role of the fish filter is to properly filter water in the tank to create a proper habitat for the fish. These filters process the water mechanically, chemically, and biologically. 

C)Pump for Air:

The air pump is an essential piece of equipment in an aquarium. This pump promotes the exchange of gas between water and air. The air pump helps to keep the water more oxygenated.

It enables the fish to breathe more easily. A water tank’s air pump also ensures that the water is heated evenly throughout the aquarium. SOBO air pumps are a great option to have in your aquarium. 

D) Aquarium Heater: 

Aquarium heaters are a must when you have tropical fish in your tank. Regularly maintaining the water temperature will lead to a better life for fish.

Although the fish can survive without this, keeping a good temperature heater is better—the better the temperature control, the better the energy in the aquarium. 

E) Lighting:

From an aesthetic point of view, lighting is one of the essential things you need for a fish tank. The lighting provides a beautiful touch to your aquarium.

There are hundreds of lighting options that you can buy, like LED subversive lights, LED clip lights, etc. These advanced lights generate minimal heat and require very little energy. 

Lighting is necessary for only 10 hours a day. Fish need darkness to sleep at night. 


9. Checklist for Home Tank:

Here is a checklist for you to know whether you have got everything for your home tank:



Test kit: ammonia

Test kit: nitrite



Reference book(s)


Water bucket: 5 Gallon

Water conditioner

Siphon (gravel vacuum)

Test kit: pH


Filtration system





10. Home Aquarium Ideas:

A) Background Posters:

There are hundreds of options to choose from for background posters for your aquarium. There are multiple ranges and types from which you can choose.

You can also choose to develop customized background posters for your aquarium. Background Posters is one of the most popular ideas for decorating your aquarium and provides good aesthetic pleasure. 

B) Artificial items and plants:

Plants tend to provide a great aesthetic look for the aquarium. There are several artificial plants you can choose to keep in your aquarium. Plants like Java moss and Amazon Sword can also be kept in your tank.

According to Vastu shastra, they are pretty positive. People also believe that maintaining coins in the tank brings wealth and prosperity. Vastu also believes that coins in a fish tank bring prosperity. 

Pebbles, artificial figures, and figurines can also create an excellent and beautiful fish tank look. However, ensure that anything kept in an aquarium is not sharp pointy and can harm the fish. Also, ensure that the materials kept in the tank don’t negatively react with the water. 


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You can rely on Hooked on fishes for all your fish tank needs as well. Hooked-on fishes offer the best fish aquarium options to have the best product in the market. They also provide good decorative items for the aquarium.

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12. Frequently asked questions:

A) Is it bad luck when your fish dies? 

It is good if a fish dies a natural death in the aquarium. It is considered that fish sacrifice themselves to remove something harmful from a house.

B) Is fish giving birth in the aquarium good or bad? 

It is considered a good sign that a fish has given birth in an aquarium. 

C) How many fish should be in a tank? 

According to Vastu, an individual should keep nine fish in the fish aquarium to ensure a positive flow of energy, prosperity, and good health in the house. 

D) Can you put a fish tank under the T.V.? 

However, keeping the aquarium near or under the television is not a big deal. You need to take a few precautions if you want to do that. The volume should be low as the fish can feel the loud noise that affects them.


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