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best overseas education immigration consultant in hyderabad

  • 2022-05-11 17:16

Best Overseas Education Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad

1.    Global Tree, Hyderabad
Global Tree is Hyderabad's top Overseas Education and Immigration Consultant. We offer 15 locations in India and accredited Foreign Education courses for teachers for GRE, GMAT, IELTS, SAT, PTE, and TOEFL. Our skilled advisors will assist you with migration and immigration procedures overseas education. Global Tree is one of India's most influential and dependable international education and immigration consultants. Global Tree argues that boosting cross-border higher education will help to promote globalization.
Studying and working abroad benefits not just the student or worker but also his community and country as a whole. Global Tree is committed to offering the best consulting services possible, paying particular attention to minor details and personalizing each case. Global Tree is a full-service firm that prides itself on providing not only the best advice but also service that goes above and beyond, such as gateway exam preparation, booking air tickets, arranging foreign exchange, assisting you in integrating into your new culture, and keeping you informed about policy changes via our website and blogs.
We believe that no desire is too big and no case is too little when it comes to an international dream. Many of our alumni have been admitted into top-class schools worldwide, something we are very proud of. We believe in promoting and working for a borderless society where knowledge and labor may freely circulate. We believe in the future where the best talent is matched to the best job and the best student to the best university regardless of race or circumstance. This concept motivates and inspires us to go above and beyond the standard and reinvent ourselves to provide the best consultancy services possible.
Location:  #6-3-879/B/2 3rd Floor, G.Pulla Reddy Sweets Building, Beside CM Camp Office Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500016
Direction: Go to Map
Contact: 9502954206
Timing: Sunday closed, 10 AM- 6:30 PM
Website: Global Tree
Products or services: Education Abroad, Immigration and Training, Other Visa work, Investor Visa

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